Are Fancy Or Casual Restaurants Better For Dates?

When you go on a dinner date, do you eat at a fancy restaurant with cloth napkins, multiple courses, and a sommelier on staff? Or do you stop at a hole-in-the-wall that serves what are supposed to be the best hot dogs in town? According to an article in today’s New York Times, stuffy restaurant dates aren’t the preference these days for many people.

In general, people have gotten a lot more casual over the years; this has certainly been reflected in dating. While I like wearing dresses, I’m definitely of the mindset that going to a cheap, hidden gem is usually much more fun and gives you a better chance to get to know someone than dining at a high-class establishment does (unless you want to evaluate his table manners). How can you even concentrate on getting to know someone when you have to think about which fork to use? According to the New York Times, the date food trend seems to be for “dressed-up comfort food, small plates and sharable dishes.” I’d have to agree. A couple of the best dates I’ve been on have included a plate of macaroni-and-cheese-like spätzle and a veggie burger and French fries eaten at the bar.

What kind of restaurant do you prefer to eat at on dates? [NY Times]