Yet Another Study Proves Skeletal Look Not Attractive

The online scientific journal Perception just published findings that claim young men rate women with healthy BMI’s (between 18.5-25) as “the most attractive and healthy looking,” as opposed to thinner ladies. Shocking, we know. Additionally, women were also more into guys with average builds, and both sexes were not turned on by the overweight either, which may be attributed to the fact that they were perceived as unhealthy. A professor associated with the study had this to say: “A take home message for young people is that maintaining a normal weight benefits current health and will improve good looks.” Uh-huh. While none of this information is the slightest bit revelatory, given the current model debate raging on and on, here’s some more conclusive evidence for the advertisers and editors that insist (extreme) thin is in. (Evidently, it’s not and never has been?) [Daily Mail]