Open Thread: What Does Your Halloween History Say About Your Character?

At this point, I’ve experienced my share of Halloweens, and I’ve worn my share of wacky costumes. I’ve been a geisha girl (I even wore geta), a witch (it was hard to breathe through that green plastic mask), a deranged prom queen (I wrote “Heterosexual Imperative” across my forehead for a reason I can no longer recall — it was college, what can I say?), Loana from “One Million Years B.C.” (my then-boyfriend handmade me a fur miniskirt and matching bikini top out of a vintage fur coat), a ghost (a sheet with holes for eyes — a last minute kind of thing), a creature from outer space (green and white striped Dr. Denton pajamas with feet, huge green sunglasses, and a green knit hat with a pom-pom), Dido (with a sword that I had “fallen” on and blood), and many more. What were you and what are you going to be this year? Confess your Halloween best in the comments!