Nightclubs Just For The Plus-Sized?

Plus-size nightclub Club Bounce is kind of like “More To Love” come to life. Lisa Marie Garbo, a big, beautiful blonde, opened the club five years ago, hoping it would be a place where she wouldn’t be “the only fat girl at the local nightclub.” Since then, her creation has become one in a string of nightclubs catering to plus-size partiers in cities along the California coastline. Plus-size patrons make up about three quarters of the women who dance at Club Bounce. Interestingly, only about one quarter of the men who frequent the club are of the overweight variety. Instead, most of them just appreciate the full-figured women on the dance floor. For the many people in this country who don’t look like Gap models, it’s a welcome relief to go somewhere where they can party without sucking in their guts and where they don’t have to be worried about being turned away at the velvet rope because of their appearance. Many people hope clubs like Bounce will open in more and more cities. But others are skeptical. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about a third of the adult population is obese. Professionals at the center worry that nightclubs like Bounce send a message that being overweight is acceptable. Lisa fires back that her message isn’t to gain weight—it’s just to live life at any size.

I kinda feel like I’m heading straight over to Club Bounce, to bounce my own big ol’ self around. Anyway, isn’t it healthier for plus-size people to be dancing and socializing than staying at home? [AOL]