The Halloween Inspiration Board: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is so hot right now; you may already have her fabu hairdo. Or you might have a raccoon that digs through your trash that inspired you to be her for Halloween. Whether you worship the cable TV mother of the year or just have a lot of spare kids to dress up in costumes, here’s how you can recreate her reality-show chic on the cheap. Now that Kate’s back on the market and it’s Halloween, what better time to slut it up like a reality television fame whore?!

  1. Carolyn Strauss Animal Style Basic Tank Top, $19.90, HSN
  2. “Eight Is Too Much” Wig, $12.99,
  3. Khaki Pencil Skirt, $20, Old Navy
  4. Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion, $6.85,
  5. Press-On Nails, $5.99, Walgreens
  6. Bratz Babyz, $5.89,, plus Gold Chain, $4.24,