Quick Tip Of The Day: Never Forget Your Keys Again!

If you have to drive to work, you don’t really have to worry about locking yourself out of the house — you sort of need your keys to leave the driveway. But for those of us who take public transit (and have our doors set to automatically lock behind us), getting shut out of our apartments is a reality. After having to walk a mile to a friend’s home to pick up a spare set of keys three times in one month, I decided I needed to change something about my routine.

While some like to put a decorative tray on a table by the door as a home for keys, I found that my keys blended in with the tray, and I failed to notice them as I walked by. So, to nip this bad habit in the bud, I hung a hook on the wall by the door. I hang my key chain on it when I arrive home in the evening. On my way out in the morning, I can clearly see whether it’s still hanging there. I haven’t forgotten my keys since! [Horse Bit Hook, $10, Urban Outfitters]