How Much Do You Dress Up For Routine Stuff?

While fashion blogger Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes makes dressing up her job, you’d expect that from time to time you might catch her making a coffee run in nothing more than a pair of sneaks and some wrinkled jeans. It would seem, however, that Jane would never make the pages of “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” because she takes fashion so seriously that she always wears something rad. Always. The teen blogger once told Teen Vogue that it doesn’t matter where she’s going, she makes it a point to put together an outfit, which she enjoys and makes her feel good. In Jane’s most recent Sea of Shoes post, this proves to be true, as she’s put up some pics of her in a grocery store with one very chic getup—shearling sweater, an emerald crushed velvet skirt held up by a larger-than-life belt, and (of course), some sky-high pumps. This got us wondering about how much effort we actually put into our day-to-day looks. Work attire aside, what do you wear when you’re dressed just for you? We’re thinking post office runs, shopping trips, getting groceries, taking a walk, etc. Do you throw on whatever is on the floor and not care what you look like? Do you do basics with a touch of trendy? Or, are you like Jane, and you enjoy looking like you’ve walked off a magazine page—no matter what. Discuss in the comments below. [Sea of Shoes]