Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen Are The Epitome Of Nerdy Cool Love

Doesn’t it seem like Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss were playing their “Mad Men” characters with their recent nuptials? When Christina, aka Joan, got married in July, she talked extensively to InStyle Wedding beforehand, telling them all about her dress and how fiancé Geoffrey Arend proposed under a chandelier. After the wedding, she released lavish photos to People. Meanwhile, Elisabeth, aka Peggy, was mums the word about her wedding to Fred Armisen of “Saturday Night Live.” But surprise! They got hitched over the weekend in a simple wedding held in Long Island City, New York. Even though Moss appeared on “The View” on Friday, she played ultra-coy about her big day. When Barbara Walters asked her about the wedding date, Elisabeth said, “I can’t tell you that,” even though a more spotlight-loving celeb would’ve barked, “In 48 hours!” In fact, Moss didn’t make any kind of announcement about the wedding at all—Whoopi Goldberg, a friend of Moss’ after they worked on “Girl, Interrupted” together, broke the news as a follow-up on yesterday’s episode of “The View.” We’re pretty awwww over Elisabeth and Fred tying the knot. The two met a year ago, when Jon Hamm hosted “SNL.” Amy Poehler had been scheduled to play Peggy in a “Mad Men” skit, but because she went into labor, the producers called Elisabeth to see if she could play herself. She met Fred on set. With Elisabeth’s bangs still growing out and Fred’s thick black glasses, these two are the epitome of quiet, nerdy cool. Which means a lot to those of us with a strong inner geek. [CNN]