Decode My Dream: I’m A Woman, But I Have A Penis!

So this is by far the strangest dream I’ve ever had. I’m going to preface it by telling you that I’m female, which is the main reason why this dream was so disturbing. In my dream I was in a small bathroom, one I’ve never seen before. I was sitting on the toilet, and when I looked down, much to my shock, I had a penis. I remember being briefly confused, and then amazed as I thought to myself, “Wow, for never having a penis before, mine is really nice!” The shock and confusion gave way to a feeling of pride. I was impressed with my newest body member. Then for some reason I had a condom in my hand that I needed to put on. Not quite sure why, seeing as how I was alone in the bathroom. I spent the rest of my dream trying to figure out how to “get my penis to work” because, to my dismay, I had no idea how to use it or make it function properly. When I woke up I was very perplexed by the dream, I’m still not sure what it means. – Chick With A Dick

First let me say that I am glad you woke up with all your lady bits in place! Phew! We all have a male and female part of ourselves. Carl Jung often referred to them as the Animus and Anima. The Animus is the masculine part of the female psyche and the Anima is the feminine part of the male psyche. Our eventual goal as healthy and whole adult human beings is to find an appropriate balance of our masculine and feminine sides. And let me just say … that’s no easy task. The Animus or Anima can often show up in our dreams as genitalia we wouldn’t normally have or as someone of the opposite sex who we don’t seem to know in real life.

So let’s chat about your Animus (aka your masculine energy). The fact that you have a penis in your dream lets me know that you are probably just beginning to get in touch with your masculine nature. This is really important for women. The Animus represents some male qualities such as self-confidence, creativity, determination, willpower, self-control, purposeful action, energy, and activity. The full development of our masculine side helps us protect ourselves, take charge of our careers, provide for ourselves, and go out and get what we want from life. Cultivating these qualities can be challenging, but very necessary to being a strong and well-balanced woman. In your dream you have this really nice masculine energy that you are starting to appreciate, but you don’t yet know how to “make it work” for you in your life. Because your dream takes place in a bathroom, I’m thinking this energy is only something you are thinking about in private. You haven’t yet put all your masculine gusto into practice in your life. But being aware of its presence is the first step towards personal growth and balance.

A word of advice: It’s time to get to know your man side intimately. Explore it and experiment with it in your daily life. No need to be scared or confused. You will only learn how to harness your power if you learn how to use it and make it part of your life.

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