Today’s Lady News: Beauty Queen’s Fake Boobs So Heavy She Falls Over

  • A hopeful beauty queen for the Miss Plastic Hungary pageant (only for silicone-laden beauties!) fell over onstage and tore a ligament in her foot, allegedly under the weight of her new boobs. A friend told a newspaper, “She had not got used to the extra weight on top and her new hair extensions got in her eyes—she just lost her balance.” []
  • Pro-life extremists have taken to eBay to sell their “memorabilia”—a cookbook compiled by a woman in prison for abortion clinic bombings and arson, anyone?—to raise money for the defense of Scott Roeder, the man charged with murdering late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Other items include artwork by Roeder, an autographed bullhorn, and a pro-life manual by the extremist group, Army of God. EBay has not revealed whether it will allow November 1st auction to be held. [McClatchy]
  • Hooray! Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger restored $16.3 million to the budget to fund California’s domestic violence shelters. So he’s off our s**t list (for the time being)! Unfortunately, the diverted the dough from the state’s general fund for alternative fuel and technology. But I guess it’s less awkward for him now, considering his wife, Maria Shriver, has been on TV all over the place promoting her study of American women’s well-being, “The Shriver Report.” [New York Times]
  • “Law & Order” aired an episode Friday night about a late-term abortion doctor who is murdered at church, based on the May death of Dr. George Tiller. Blogger Kate Harding at’s Broadsheet watched the episode and nearly blew her top at how biased the show was written: one of the detectives talks about how his mom threw herself down a flight of stairs trying to self-abort him, another cop says his daughter was pro-choice until she became pregnant, yadda, yadda, yadda. [ Broadsheet]
  • A 22-year-old female Saudi Arabian journalist was sentenced by a judge to 60 lashes for her involvement with a Lebanese TV show on which a man publicly talked about sex. Fortunately this morning, Saudia Arabia’s King Abdullah pardoned the woman. The man who talked about sex on the show was sentenced five years and 1,000 lashes and his lawyer is still pleading with the king for a pardon. [, New York Times]
  • For the first time in history, women will soon be the majority of the nation’s paid workers. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Women’s rights activists are seeking to re-introduce the International Violence Against Women Act, arguing that the health and well-being of women must be directly addressed instead of lumped in with other foreign policy issues. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Vanity Fair magazine recently laid off 13 employees and 11 of them were female. According to the NYC gossip blog The Awl, the overall office gender breakdown is pretty much split 50-50. [The Awl]
  • Queen Latifah and others on why female rappers are “under the radar,” which seems to me like a polite euphemism for “being totally ignored by the mainstream music scene.” [After Ellen]