The Halloween Inspiration Board: Carrie Prejean

Oh Carrie Prejean, we’ve had so much fun getting to know the former Miss California and her distaste for gay marriage in the last year. She’s become one of the most recognizable beauty queens that we’ve ever had the pleasure to see actin’ a fool on national TV! In fact, she makes the perfect Halloween costume, especially if you live in a warm part of the country and can feasibly wear a bathing suit at the end of October. (If not, a tacky white evening dress is a good substitute.)

  1. Blonde Wig, $28.99,
  2. Custom Sash, $25.95, Sassy Sash
  3. Triangle bikini, $24, Victoria’s Secret
  4. Rhinestone earrings, $6.80, Forever 21
  5. Yes On 8 Button, $3.49, CafePress
  6. Gold heels, $39.99, Nine West
  7. Bible, $7.91, Amazon