Sheree Is The Only “Housewife” To Show Any Growth

Season two of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” started off a little rocky for Sheree Whitfield. First, she launched a screaming match with Kim Zolciak inside a restaurant and tugged Kim’s famous wig on the streets of Atlanta. Then, Sheree had a rather hostile (although entertaining) altercation with a party planner. She seemed determined to have a really angry second season, and she stole the Drama Queen title from NeNe Leakes. But somewhere along the way, Sheree had an epiphany and realized there’s more to life than he-said, she-said gossip and she learned to be gracious. We got to know the true person inside when Sheree hung out with trying-too-hard-to-be-a-bitch Tania and hairstylist Laurence. Sheree made the first move to end her feud with Kim so that they could plan an engagement party for Kandi Burruss and her fiancé, A.J. Jewell. She even made light of her lack of a seven-figure divorce settlement in an alter-ego photo shoot. She also accepted Dwight Eubanks’ help and expertise in planning her fashion show, even though the two had tension before and Dwight can sometimes come off as a know-it-all. She truly would have been lost if it hadn’t been for him. Yet, she was able to put him back in check without cursing or name-calling when he threatened to start the fashion show without her. This season, Sheree finally exhibited the grace and class she’s always said she had.

The other ladies, however, didn’t grow at all. NeNe is still conniving and manipulative. She was at the center of all the drama, and her latest plot to secretly meet with her alleged biological father could destroy her marriage to Gregg. Chain-smoker Kim still can’t pay her bills or make her own life decisions. Lisa Wu Hartwell continues to be a two-faced instigator. And Kandi … well, Kandi didn’t allow herself to get sucked into the BS too much. She had her own personal drama to deal with, and, really, Kandi was above what the other women were dealing with from the start.