Wanna Design Your Own Shoes?

Custom made shoes for women bring orthopedic issues to mind. I obsess over Louboutin and Manolo heels, not specially made footwear. That’s all changing now. For years, bespoke items for men have been well publicized and crave-worthy, but the idea of personalized shoes hasn’t quite made it to the ladies’ realm. Why this is, who knows? Women love shoes more than anything. Finally the bespoke idea is taking hold, and women have the chance to become their own footwear creators. (Hey, if Dina Lohan can do it, anyone can.) But an interesting fact to note is that the term “bespoke” might be switched up for women, leaning towards “footwear couture” to give off a brand new feel.It’s an interesting concept. I consistently have an idea in my head of the exact shoe or boot that I want, and spend hours trying to track it down. Sometimes I succeed, while others I fail. Now, stores like Selve, are giving consumers the chance to make that dream a real shoe reality. What a welcome form of originality, and in fact, an opportunity for everyone to infuse their own closets with a bit of their own fashion sense rather than relying on designers. Now the hours spent trying to find the shoe you can see in your mind’s eye may be gone. Design, hire, and have your shoe created. For a small price to pay of course. [Financial Times]