Style Buzz: Macaroons by Marni And No Cheap Louboutins

  • Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan’s new Ungaro gig (blech) is unpaid. At least that would explain how she got hired in the first place. [Fox 411]
  • Istanbul is the latest of several cities (think L.A., Philadelphia, etc.) to jump on the Fashion Week bandwagon. New York, Paris and L.A. are gonna be pissed that other cities are copping their style! [Modelinia]
  • Don’t hold your breath for a Christian Louboutin diffusion line. He’s already turned down an offer from H&M. [The Cut]
  • Burberry will have its first go at color cosmetics this summer. So if you’ve just been dying to spend $80 on a beige plaid eyeshadow case, the time is near. [WWD]
  • And while we’re on the topic of crazy expensive designer non-necessities, who wants a macaroon by Marni? They’re on sale Dec. 1 in Paris, London, Tokyo, Dublin and Zurich. Totally worth the trip, no? []