Free Halloween Costumes Already Hanging In Your Closet

We’ve already showed you how fashion bloggers make insane Halloween costumes from clothes they already own, but we realize that not everyone has a wardrobe that can go from George Washington to Frida Kahlo in five minutes flat. Luckily, there are a few costumes that literally anyone can pull off without buying a thing. Don’t do Halloween on the cheap; do it on the free! A few ideas, after the jump.

  • Got a trench coat? You’re a flasher now. This one’s great because it’s an interactive costume: open and close, open and close. And don’t even think about wearing underwear — that’s cheating!
  • Throw on a striped t shirt, a beret and bum a cigarette; voila, you’re French.
  • If you own a flannel shirt and jeans, do it up lumberjack-style.
  • Steal your mom’s ultra-[un]flattering jeans, throw on a sweatshirt and wear a little too much pink lipstick/blush for the ideal suburban soccer mom look.
  • Wear all black with a scarf covering your head/mouth and you’re a ninja. Bonus points for anyone who already owns nunchucks and incorporates them into the costume.
  • Put on your coolest outfit. Then accessorize with a camera and laptop, and spend the night dressed as a fashion blogger.