Quickies: Joan Collins Is Bringing Glamour Back To The U.K. & Beat Up A Kardashian

  • Joan Collins is taking British women to task for their lazy grooming on her new makeover show, “Joan Does Glamour.” [Jezebel] — Gosh, I want her accent.
  • Emma Thompson has accused Exeter University in Britain of being “too white and middle class” after her adopted son from Rwanda made allegations that he was racially bullied during his time there. [The Daily Mail]
  • A sexual assault victim was denied health insurance because she was given anti-AIDS meds after her assault. The insurance company said her taking the medication raised too many health questions. [TrèsSugar] — This makes perfect sense — on Mars.

  • TKO Boxing has organized the “Kardashian Charity Knock Out,“ in which you can fight one of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cast members for charity. [F-Listed] — Too bad Kourtney is pregnant and off-limits, because she’d be the easiest one to beat, I think.
  • Dogs like putting things in their mouths, like adorable kittens sitting at the kitchen table. [Urlesque]
  • It’s seems rather illogical to associate nerds with good sex, but these seven pop culture nerds will have you itching for some lovin’. [Lemondrop] — I was always a little hot for Dwayne Wayne on “A Different World.”