New Shoes Are Better Than A No-Good Man

There’s a superstition in Caribbean culture that says you should never buy your boyfriend or girlfriend shoes because he/she will use them to walk right out of your life. The one time I accepted shoes from a boyfriend (he wasn’t Caribbean), I hadn’t asked for them, and I broke up with him about a month later — all of this is more than a coincidence in my mind. So, shoe shopping has always been one of the ways I get over a breakup, because it’s easier to walk away from Mr. Wrong when I’m wearing super hot heels. And when I really think about it, quality shoes are more supportive and uplifting than a no-good man any day. I recently engaged in some retail therapy at Aldo Shoes because I think I’m finally ready to drop my on-again, off-again ex. He’s too selfish, doesn’t seem to care about my needs, and isn’t willing to compromise. He’s like a cheap pair of shoes that look cute and trendy but pinch your feet so much you get nauseous. You can’t bear to wear them, so they sit in your closet mocking you every time you open the door. I still love him, though, so I needed two pairs of shoes — the ones above and these.

Now, instead of dwelling on this closed chapter in my life, I think about all the outfits I can make with my new shoes and the places I’ll wear them. This might sound superficial to some — I’m comparing a person to shoes and replacing love with material goods — but when you’ve been cast aside, you have to pick yourself up somehow. And I don’t care what anyone says, when you look good, you exude confidence. And that’s one step toward building yourself up again so you’re able to appreciate someone new.