Meet Ali Wise, Fashion Publicist / Ex-Girlfriend From Hell

Some mean girls never grow up—they just get jobs in PR. Meet Ali Wise, age 32, a former party planner for Dolce & Gabbana who went bats**t with jealousy when her ex-boyfriend starting dating new women. She is facing charges from four women whose phones and voicemail she hacked into using a computer service called SpoofCard, all because they were dating her exes, Josh Deutsch, CEO of Downtown Records, and hotelier Jason Pomeranc. A friend of Wise told the NY Daily News she has used SpoofCard “forever to find out about her exes’ new girls. She hacks in to voicemails, MySpace and Facebook accounts, emails … you name it.” Charges against this blonde bully include eavesdropping, computer trespassing, aggravated harassment and stalking. Ack! You sure don’t see this side of PR girls on The City ….Two of Wise’s victims include interior designer Nina Freudenberger, 29, and fashion designer Briana Rasinski. (The identities of the other two women pressing charges against Wise are unclear.) According to the NY Post, Wise hacked into Rasinski’s phone system back in December 2006 when she began dating Wise’s ex. This wily PR girl listened to voicemails and, according to sources, would call Rasinski up and creepily tell her what the voicemails said. She also allegedly messed with Rasinski’s head, saying things like, “Josh [Deutsch, her ex] has another girlfriend!” Rasinski broke up with Deutsch in February 2007, but Wise still kept hacking her messages and leaving hang-up calls for her friends.

This July, Wise was finally arrested after hacking into Freudenberger’s voicemail, allegedly after Wise suspected the woman was dating both her exes. A friend of Freudenberger’s told the Daily News the designer eventually filed a restraining order and D&G confirmed to the newspaper’s gossip page they’d let the batty PR girl go.

Wise will be back in court to face her charges on Jan. 14 for her totally juvenile mean-girl bullying. Until then, maybe don’t date anyone named Josh Deutsch or Jason Pomeranc, OK? [NY Post, NY Daily News, NY Daily News, NY Daily News]