I’ve Become A Baseball Widow

It’s only been three months since I got married and, sadly, I’m already a widow — a baseball widow, I mean. My husband, Drew, is a huge, life-long Yankees fan, and if you aren’t following the sport or the team, the Yankees are currently one game away from making it to the World Series. Over the last two weeks or so of post-season, the Yankees have played something like nine games, most of which have lasted over four hours — some have even lasted over five hours. Tack on all the pre- and post-game coverage that Drew likes to watch and we’re looking at roughly 50 hours of baseball viewing in less the two weeks. Fifty hours, you guys! Basically, that’s a part-time job. Or, to put it in terms someone like me can wrap her head around a bit more easily, that’s 50 episodes of “The Real Housewives,” 25 episodes of “The Bachelor,” or 16 viewings of the 2009 Academy Awards!This is the first time since I met Drew three and a half years ago that the Yankees have made it to post-season. Until now, I naively thought baseball was something I had to put up with from around April to mid-September or so. The first inkling I had that things might be different this year was when we were on our honeymoon about six weeks ago. We’d just enjoyed a romantic flamenco performance and were settling into a delicious late-night tapas dinner when Drew suddenly got serious.

“We’re having a great time, right?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course!” I replied, enthusiastically.

“And you really love me, right?’ he asked.

“You know I do,” I said.

“Remember that,” he replied, “remember this feeling in October … ’cause if the Yankees keep playing like they have been, it’s gonna be a lot of baseball.”

Oh my God, he was not lying. Fifty hours! In less than two weeks! And we’re not done yet. Depending on how things go this weekend, there’s up to nine more games to be played in the next two weeks. That’s potentially another 50 hours! Look, I get that this is a passion for Drew, and as a supportive wife I’ve tried to embrace that passion, or to at least show moderate interest in it. I’ve gone to three games with him this season, watched countless games on TV, and learned the names — and positions — of almost every single Yankee on the team. I’ve even memorized stats! Me — someone who, until recently, thought “RBI” was an acronym for “real bad indigestion,” something I get when games go into extra innings and Drew can’t stop screaming at the television.

I wrote in my wedding vows that I’d always root for the Yankees. I guess I never thought my vows would be tested so early in our marriage.