What The Hell Are You Supposed To Do WIth Velcro Rollers?

Let’s talk velcro rollers. When I read about how you could use them to cut down on blow-drying time and sleek-ify hair and add a little volume at the crown of your head, I was intrigued. Or shall I say, re-intrigued—I’ve always been on the verge of buying a few, just to play around with. So, here’s how to use them.Only use Velcro rollers on dry hair—better yet, use ‘em on just blow-dried hair since, ideally, you want your hair to still be warm (it’ll hold curl/volume more). OK, so tightly roll your hair, section by section, around each roller. To keep it from unraveling, slide a bobby pin through the underside of the roller where it rests on your head. Give all the rollers a quick blast of heat from a blow-dryer and let them cool. Then take out the rollers. Notice major volume and sleekness! If you’re feeling lazy, you don’t have to roll your entire head of hair — just go with four or so rollers in the front and top of your hair (two on the top, one on either side). Ever have a professional blow-out when the stylist leaves her round brushes rolled in your hair after she dries each section? This is the same idea! Who out there uses velcro rollers? Anyone got other genius uses for ‘em? Please share!