Suzanne Somers Wants To Cure Cancer

So maybe I would go to former sitcom star Suzanne Somers for advice about how to shape up my thighs (remember the Thigh Master?), but certainly not for tips about how to help cure cancer. In her new book, Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer And How To Prevent It In The First Place (it’s her 19th book … I know … what the heck is she writing about?), Suzanne is making some outrageous claims that are making people at the American Cancer Society outraged. What is she saying? She claims that chemotherapy kills—not cancer. So how should people treat cancer? Like she did when she found out she had breast cancer ten years ago—with radiation, surgery, and alternative medicine. Wait, why should we be taking medical advice from a has-been TV actress? Existing cancer treatments like chemo are used for a reason, because they are FDA approved and proven to prolong the lives of patients. Not that I have anything against the option to consider alternative medicine as a possible course of treatment, but if I or one of my loved ones had cancer, let’s just say I wouldn’t run out and buy Suzanne’s book. Especially after her appearance on “Oprah” where she talked about complex bioidentical hormones (?) and how chemo killed Patrick Swayze (she later apologized for that statement). As if the audience wasn’t freaked out enough by her wackadoodle health ideas, she also admitted to popping over 60 pills a day as part of her health regime. Is someone just terrified of old age? Stick to thighs, Suzanne. [Celebitchy]