Review: Sea Of Shoes For Urban Outfitters Holiday Collection

The second round of Jane Aldridge (the teenage Texan behind the blog Sea of Shoes) for Urban Outfitters footwear is out and we’re still, sadly, underwhelmed. The holiday collection is a step up from her last collaboration effort which, if you recall, was painfully unoriginal. This time around, at least, we’d actually be vaguely interested in wearing two of the three pairs and the general level of copycatting has fallen down a few notches. Let’s take a closer look, after the jump!
The clear winner in terms of adorability is the pair of pink lace-up bow booties. But they lose points for being uncomfortably similar to the Chanel booties that Aldridge is so fond of. The lace-up wedge ankle boots, on the other hand, are fairly original, definitely cool and possibly even worth the $128 price tag. As for the black knee-high buckle boots, we really can’t be bothered to say more than this: yawn. Thoughts?