Quickies: David Beckham’s Face Will Appear On Condoms & Scientists Discover Sexiness Gene

  • David Beckham’s face will be printed on condoms (which will be available for sale) at a Madrid art museum’s new exhibit called Tears for Eros. [Guardian] — Because that’s sexy and not creepy at all?
  • In his first radio interview since the Rihanna incident, Chris Brown claims he wants another chance and that “at the end of the day, it just isn’t right to judge somebody.” [PopEater] — Er, except when you’re facing, you know, judgment.

  • University of Toronto scientists say they’ve found the gene that creates a “sexual tsunami.” With it clicked on, males and females both become insanely attractive to everyone, driving entire populations of …. fruit flies mad with desire. [My Fox New York]
  • Michelle Obama hula hoops! [Lemondrop] — Awesome!
  • Maxim’s list of 10 things fathers should teach their sons includes buying ladies flowers. [Maxim] — I’m for anything that encourages flower buying and discourages wall-punching, and it’s worth checking out how the other half thinks.