ESPN’s Steve Phillips Diddled A 22-Year-Old Production Assistant

Oh, man. The drama of Steve Philips is kind of like David Letterman on crack, plus a stalker. Phillips, an ESPN baseball analyst and former general manager of the Mets, is a married man and father of four. Still, he schtupped a 22-year-old production assistant named Brooke Hundley at least three times over the summer. He apparently felt “meh” about her, but Hundley was under the impression they were meant to be together. And so she went CUH-RAZY with jealousy trying to expose the affair to Phillips’ wife.According to the New York Daily News, Phillips and Hundley met on an assignment and when he broke things off, she reached out to Phillips’ wife, 40-year-old Marni. Hundley sent her text messages saying things like, “I care about Steve, I make him happy and we both can’t have him.” Understandably, Marni worried that she had a Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco situation on her hands, so she called the police. In her statement, Marni said she never responded to the texts but did answer one phone call on her cell from Hundley to say that she didn’t want to speak to her.

Weeks later, Marni returned to her Connecticut home with her 7-year-old son and found Hundley trespassing on their property. She immediately got into a car and sped off. The cops soon discovered that Hundley had left a letter on the front stoop for Marni. The letter, which is posted on the Post’s website, is both highly entertaining and sad, but basically says a lot of personal things about the couple’s marriage and her affair with Steve:

“We text all day when he’s at work and talk via hotel phones on the road. The texts have always been mostly about the sexual side of our relationship and I have some saved if you ever want to see them, basically stuff like when we’ll meet up next, what we want to do to each other physically and how we feel about each other.”

But the letter gets creepy, too. She lists the name of every single one of their four sons and says Phillips referred to the youngest two kids as “the product of your reunion after his last affair, a sort of band-aid on a more serious problem.” She also says, “Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thigh, so you know I’m not being fake.”

Creepiest of all? Hundley “cyberstalked” the couple’s 16-year-old son by posing as a classmate. According to the police, the football-playing teen was contacted by someone using the screen name “riotgirr4life.” This girl IM’d him every night and frequently asked questions about his parents’ marriage and begged for his home phone number. She also asked the teen if he did drugs or drank. Marni believes that the majority of the juicy tidbits Hundley put in her letter were gleaned from chatting with their son online. By August, understandably, the Phillips filed a police report.

I have mixed feelings about this. OK, hear me out: I was once the jilted lover of a guy who was cheating on his girlfriend while promising me the world, so I can empathize with how hurt, angry and vengeful Hundley must feel. Figuratively speaking of course, I wanted to see blood. I felt like I’d been treated as a disposable whore and a fool, so I can’t say I blame Hundley at all for telling Phillips’ wife about the whole affair. There may be nothing noble about it, but let’s stop denying that blabbing isn’t the default setting for “the other woman.”

Still, the text messages and contacting the Phillips’ teenage son are totally indefensible. Going for the jugular is one thing—detailing the birthmarks on his body is a nice touch!—but that stalker stuff is creepy.

Let’s not forget that Phillips is a jerk here. This cheatin’ cheater told police, “This woman has clearly displayed erratic behavior and delusional tendencies.” What a d-baggy way to frame the situation! I’m not defending the majority of Hundley’s behavior, but she is a jilted lover and her feelings are hurt — of course Phillips thinks she’s being “erratic” and “delusional.” His comments are dismissive, and a lot of media coverage of this affair depicts the relationship like it was all fun and games until “the bitch went crazy.” This sounds so familiar to me: It was all “I want to be with you, I have feelings for you” until I discovered he’d been lying to me, so I informed his girlfriend that he was a cheating. My guy turned on a dime and told me I was “crazy.” But the reality is Phillips is the delusional one if he thinks “boys will be boys” and he can carry on relationships with other women without repercussions.

ESPN initially suspended Phillips for one week, but yesterday he announced a leave of absence. Meanwhile, Marni—smart lady—has filed for a divorce. Phillips has deeded her their five-bedroom, multimillion-dollar home, the Post reports.

But methinks Phillips’ soon-to-be-ex-wife should not have been so surprised at her beau’s infidelity: In 1998, while he was GM of the Mets, he admitted to sleeping with a team employee named Rosa Rodriguez and took an eight-day leave of absence after she sued him for sexual harassment.

Steve, maybe it’s time to expand your circle and try online dating instead. Or, since it seems like you love ‘em and leave ‘em, may I suggest prostitutes? [NY Daily News, NY Daily News, NY Post]