Eat Cookies And Lose Weight!

Want to eat cookies and lose weight? Sure ya do. According to Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, it’s entirely possible. With a $59 per week purchase at, you’ll receive a set of cookies and instructions to eat six of the treats a day, along with one “real” meal of something like skinless chicken and steamed vegetables. One woman stuck to the diet and in three months she lost 40 pounds. In 2008 alone, the creator made $12 million in revenue — so, people must be loving it. Of course, there’s a catch …A key ingredient is a special amino acid, but the only people who know what’s in that specific ingredient are Dr. Siegal and his wife. So far zero clinical tests have been completed on this diet. Secret ingredients and no way to know the real scientific effects on your body? Sounds sketch, no? And it isn’t as easy or healthy as it sounds. Along with your weekly diet of cookies comes a package of vitamins to make up for what’s lacking in your diet. We all know the best way to lose weight is stick to a healthy diet, work out, and eat in moderation, but that certainly doesn’t stop the public from trying the fads. Will you attempt the cookie diet? [New York Times]