Cheapskate: The Body Shop

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up and some pampering, but who has the dough to run to the spa every time the stress dial is cranked up? Well, it’s time to look for life’s little indulgences at The Body Shop. Typing endless reports could be a lot easier if your hands were luxuriating under a silky film of a special moisturizer. And staring continuously at a computer screen could be more bearable with a special potion to energize your pulse points. Get my drift? OK, then check out our favorite affordable elixirs, emollients and tools from The Body Shop after the jump.

Cheapskate: The Body Shop
Almond Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment, $12
“Healthier nails with the help of a convenient pen that softens cuticles, strengthens nails and whitens tips.”
Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, $16
“Soften and revive your rough, tired feet with a skin-smoothing moisturizer that also cools and deodorizes—a customer favorite since 1985!”
Total Energy Pulse Point Balm, $16
“Apply this pocket-sized balm to your pulse points whenever you need instant grrrr to energize and lift your spirits.”
Body Focus Bust Firmer, $12
“Improve the appearance and elasticity of your bust and décolletage using a light serum that firms, smoothes and tones.”
Velvet Apricot Frosted Shimmer Lotion, $18
“Get your skin party-ready with a light, creamy moisturizer that softens and smoothes, leaving skin shimmering and delicately sented with the sensual fragrance of apricot and plum.”
White Musk Perfume Oil, $16 – $24
“Feminine, sensual, irresistible. This long-lasting, soft and velvety musk scent is the perfect balance between sexy and classic.”
Spoon Foot File, $8
“Be a smooth operator with a spoon-shaped, double-sided filing tool that removes rough skin from soles and exfoliates other areas.”
Nutmeg and Vanilla Soap, $5
“Cleanse and moisturize your skin with a beautifully embossed soap that contains particles of ground nutmeg to gently exfoliate the skin as you cleanse.”
Cranberry Heatable Feet Hugs, $26
“Keep your feet warm and snug this fall and winter with recycled soft-touch fleece slippers.”
Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist, $16
“Get your beauty rest with this quick-drying, super-snoozer mist that balances the senses and soothes the mind all night long. Sweet dreams!”
Wellbeing Starter Kit – Divine Calm, $32
“Discover the antidote to modern life with soothing French lavender in this travel-friendly kit that promotes serenity and relaxation, letting stress drift away.”
Lip Scuff, $12
“Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and prep your pucker for lipstick by removing dead skin cells.”
Moroccan Rose Body Butter, $20
“Soften your skin all over with a beautiful 24-hour moisturizer infused with precious oil from hand-picked roses.”
Buriti Baby Muslin Cloth, $8.50
“Multi-use, re-usable muslin cloths for all your baby needs.”
Hemp Hand Protector, $10 – $18.50
“End rough, dry hands with help from an intensive cream that locks-in moisture with a fresh, herbal scent — perfect for over-washed hands.”
Skin Primer Matte It, $14
“Perfect your skin and lips with a mattifying gel that helps absorb excess oils for a silky, shine-free finish.”
Pure Detox Clarifying Clay Mask, $24
“Feel the heat with this creamy body mask that warms on contact to open up pores and draw out impurities, so you feel fresh, radiant and purified all over.”