Carnie Wilson Lets It All Hang Out … Again

I have seriously had enough of playing voyeur to Carnie Wilson’s ultra-public weight struggles. I liked her in Wilson Phillips and on her short-lived talk show. But then came the live broadcast of her gastric bypass surgery (gross!) and her appearance on “Oprah” to talk about it. Next was “Celebrity Fit Club,” two autobiographies, a spread in Playboy, and a gig hosting “The Newlywed Game” on the Game Show Network. But that’s not all, folks. In a move that I can only describe as seriously tacky, Carnie will be starring in her very own reality TV series on GSN called “Carnie: Wilson: Unstapled.” The show will follow her life as a working mother trying to lose 50 pounds of baby weight. Carnie, noooo! We’ve already seen the inside of your abdominal cavity—what else do you want from us? We get it. You have battled with obesity and come out the victor. We are happy for you. You look great! Please move on with your life. You no longer need to use your weight as a gimmick for success. [Google News]