White Wine—Not Red—Is Apparently Horrible For Your Teeth

First the bad news: Opting for white wine over red is not the answer to saving your pearly whites, says a recent study by the British Dental Association. White wine is far more acidic than its red sister, and high amounts of acid wear down tooth enamel. If you’re a regular sipper of Chardonnay, your teeth may even be susceptible to enamel loss. While this is clearly unhealthy for your chompers, it can also cause aesthetic repercussions. When the enamel wears down, your teeth become more susceptible to stains from the traditional culprits—coffee, dark beverages, food. If you’ve previously had your teeth whitened, it can also mess with your brightened color. Now for the good news: Some German scientists believe that having some cheese with your wine could negate the effects thanks to its calcium-rich properties. So basically, you kind of have to order and scarf down a cheese plate with that bottle of wine. Mmm … cheese. Kind of doable. [MarieClaire.co.uk]