Think Twice Before Walking Around Naked In Your Own House

If you thought all that Balloon Boy coverage was ridiculous, you might roll your eyes at this major story Fox News is covering. However, Virgina resident Eric Williamson actually needs the exposure (uh, heh) because here is a man who has clearly been wronged. Every day at 5:30 a.m., Mr. Williamson wakes up and makes his way downstairs to make a pot of coffee and he does so nude. Because even though it may sound out-of-this-world crazy to some people, many folks actually kind of enjoy the fact that they can walk around in their own houses minding their business and stuff while they’re naked. So anyway … … it’s the crack of dawn and some lady and her 7-year-old are cutting through his yard (!?) when they spot Eric and his johnson standing there sipping a cup of good mornin’ America and they call the police. Yes, the lady actually called the police. Even more unbelievable: they took her call seriously and arrested him. Now Eric’s in kind of big trouble. Oh, and since there was a little kid involved, well, let’s just say things could get really bad for him, especially since he is a father himself. What we want to know is, why was this lady on his lawn with her kid at 5 a.m. and what kind of douchey Peeping Tom/trespasser calls the cops on the person they’re spying on? Sure, you could say there might be more to the story, but if there really was, why is this woman hiding out while this guy is giving heart-wrenching, in-depth reenactments (right down to the coffee mug!) to news crews from the scene of the crime? He’s so clearly innocent. [And attractive! What’s there to complain about?! — Editor] Justice for Naked Coffee Boy! [The Awl]