Could Biotin Supplements Work Wonders For Your Hair And Nails?

Ever heard of Biotin? It’s a B-complex vitamin that you probably already have in your system as it’s found in lots of foods including milk, tomatoes, soybeans, carrots … the list goes on. To get all scientific on you for a second, Biotin helps to metabolize amino acids and is also necessary for cell growth. And according to skin guru Mario Badescu’s blog, it also “increases the size of the hair’s cortex to prevent breakage, thickens the cuticle, increases the size of the hair shaft and promotes growth.” It’s believed by some that taking oral supplements can give you fuller hair and stronger nails. Is there truth to the claims?
The blogger over at Badescu seemed to have huge success on 30 micrograms a day. Affirming its efficacy, she writes:

Yes. For me, 100%. For someone who washes their hands about 100 times a day and sanitizes just as often, I am stuck with peeling, cracking nails. I decided to start taking Biotin supplements every day, or I should say, when I remember to. My nails are now longer, harder and stronger than they have ever been and I actually can see the difference … I have to self-trim my bangs every week since taking the biotin because my hair seems to be growing so much faster now.

It should be noted that there are a lot of products—shampoos, topicals, conditioners and the like—out there on the market with Biotin in them. Most people agree these don’t work at all.

Would you give Biotin a try? []