25 Approved Nicknames For Our Genital Organs

Over at GuySpeak.com, our very own Mind Of Man, John DeVore, offers up the hilarious “25 Approved Nicknames for My Genital Organs.” On the list? Hercules Meatquake, Whoa’s Ark, King of Wangistan, and Seven and a Half Inches of Fury. That begs the question: What vagina nicknames have The Frisky ladies’ seal of approval? Check out 25 approved nicknames for our genital organs. 1. Hot Pocket
2. Tunnel of Love
3. Pink Taco
4. Peach Fish
5. Rubyfruit Jungle
6. The Pink Panther
7. Countess Olenska
8. Muffy McMufferson
9. Tang
10. Nappy Dugout
11. Pink Slip
12. Lady Doodiddle
13. Boner Graveyard
14. Patsy Incline
15. Thigh Master
16. Cruelty Free Fur Muff
17. [INSERT NATIONALITY] Sausage Casing
18. Lil’ Miss Muffet
19. The Center Ring At The Three Ring Circus
20. Pandora’s Box
21. Wizard Sleeves
22. Queenie
23. Coochie-Snorcher
24. Hoo-Ha
25. Your Breakfast