Would You Get Your Sperm On The Black Market?

There’s a disturbing new trend out there in the world of sperm donation. Donors and recipients alike are giving and receiving sperm on the black market. Yes, folks … it’s a spunk rush. But it’s hardly about monetary gain, which makes it all the more strange. Basically, there’s a new kind of sperm donor popping up who just wants to help single ladies, lesbians and infertile couples make babies, since a vial of sperm and insemination by a doctor can cost about $2,000 a pop. These seemingly altruistic dudes with plenty o’ sperm to spare are offering their seed for free on sites, like Craigslist. This begs the question … is getting free sperm on Craigslist or other sites safe? FDA-regulated sperm banks do a few important things like STD tests, background checks, psychological evaluations and medical histories before incubating approved sperm for six months to make sure it’s safe. Also, most sperm bank donors sign away their contractual rights to parenthood as soon as they spooge into a tube.

While it’s great that there are men who want to help inseminate women (some even offer to have sex instead of sending a test tube … how kind!), this scares me because there is no way to guarantee what kind of sperm you’re gonna get. And are these men going to want to play papa in ten years? As I see it, there are only a few types of dudes who would even consider becoming a rogue sperm donor: sperm bank rejects (which means there is probably a reason you shouldn’t take the fruit of their loins), thinly veiled male prostitutes (gross and no thanks), or maybe they are just anti-establishment guys with good intentions (rare). So what do you think: Would you ever get your sperm on the black market? [Double X]