What’s The Lamest Beauty Tip You’ve Ever Heard?

For all the totally useful beauty pearls of wisdom out there, there are also plenty of foolish pieces of advice. For example, no matter how many people swear by it, we’ll never put urine on our zits (!?), and matching our toe and finger nail polish shades isn’t something we’ve ever been remotely interested in. Beauty expert Courtney Dunlop alerted us to some of the so-called beauty “rules” she thinks are particularly ridic, after the jump!

  • Don’t grow your hair longer than your shoulder blades: “It’s rules like this that brainwash women into thinking they have to cut their hair into frumpy mom ‘dos the day they turn 28. Not cool.”
  • Don’t put foundation on your entire face; just blend it on the areas where you need it: “But if you’re wearing foundation at all it’s because you want coverage, and if you don’t put it everywhere won’t you have weird patches of perfect skin surrounded by uneven, splotchy skin? If you want to spot-cover a zit or something, do it with concealer.”
  • Play up your eyes or your lips, but not both: “This rule became popular as a backlash to the makeup-crazy ’80s, but now it’s just as dated as the frosty blue eyeshadow/bubblegum pink lipstick combo it shuns. No, you don’t want to bust out a full-on smoky eye and bright red lipstick, but it is possible to do pretty washes of color on the eyes and the lips without looking like a hooker.”

See more here. What’s the worst beauty tip you ever heard? Besides that one about putting Vaseline on your teeth? Bonus points for actually following said advice!