Victoria’s Secret Model Finally Admits To Not Magically Losing Baby Weight

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosia walked in the VS fashion show four months after giving birth to her first child. And she looked the sort of good that inspires teenage boys everywhere to steal mommy’s catalog for, well, personal use. Given that most women complain endlessly about the difficulty of losing baby weight coupled with the fact that Ambrosia is clearly already genetically blessed, her claim that all she did was yoga once a week was a bit painful to hear. Well, women everywhere are now vindicated: Ambrosia has fessed up to actually doing some work to get back into ridiculous shape. Not only did she tell that she had to do a lot of cardio to shed the jiggle, she also admitted that she stuck to a very healthy meal plan that included “like no sugar, no bread” after her daughter Anja Louise was born in August ’08. Once-a-week yoga, my ass! We know it’s not nice to delight in someone else’s dieting, but come on, she had this one coming. [People]