Today’s Lady News: Tyra Does A Show On Women Who Hit Their Boyfriends

  • Yesterday, Tyra Banks did a show on “battered men syndrome,” about when women hit their boyfriends. OK, Tyra, listen up: While physical abuse is just as wrong when it happens to men, the fact is woman-on-man violence is not representative of the actual face of domestic violence. According to the American Bar Association, 1.3 million women are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually, compared with 835,000 men. Studies have also shown women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men. A show like yours just contributes to the mistaken belief that women are just as likely to abuse their partners as men and dilutes how power dynamics between women and men factor into abuse. [Jezebel]
  • The city of Puebla, Mexico has introduced pink taxi cabs driven for women, by women to respond to the problem of “leering drivers.” Oh, hi, Mexico? How about punishing the “leering drivers” who are sexually harassing female cab customers instead? [Feministing]
  • Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and the ACLU are battling over the sheriff’s requirement that a female inmate pre-pay $300 to $600 for security and transportation to an abortion clinic. The ACLU says this presents an obstacle for obtaining an abortion. [Arizona Republic]
  • Shane Alan Childers, 32, of Olathe, Kansas, has become the first-ever person to be federally prosecuted as a customer of child sex trafficking by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Childers was busted in a March sting operation for soliciting sex with cops pretending to be an 11-year-old girl via Craigslist. [Kansas City FBI]
  • Officials in Spain estimate that over one million participated in an anti-abortion rally in Madrid to protest the country’s plans to liberalize their abortion laws so that women could obtain one up until their 14th week of pregnancy. [BBC]
  • The Delta Delta Delta sorority is holding a Fat-Talk-Free Week from Oct. 19 to 23, when sorority sisters will try to focus on positive body images. [Feminist Campus]
  • Two suicide bombers killed at least four people in Pakistan today and one of the bombs was detonated in the women’s cafeteria at the International Islamic University, which is sex segregated. The second blast occurred on the male campus. [NY Times]
  • Keith Bardwell, the Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple, says he was just trying to look out for the couple’s future mixed-race kids and insists he doesn’t “see what the problem is.” Sigh. [NY Daily News]