The Halloween Inspiration Board: Sexy Eloise

Remember the Eloise books by Kay Thompson about the mischievous child who lived in New York City’s Plaza Hotel? While you may have loved them as a kid, envision Eloise as a grown-up and all of a sudden she’s a sexy character to dress up as for Halloween—schoolgirl skirt, knee-highs, playful attitude (plus, you can’t ignore the fact that she lives in a high-class hotel, wink wink). You can keep the look cute by playing up the hair ribbon and wearing some innocent ballet flats, or add some extra vixen with bedhead hair, an extra button undone and slutty pumps.

  1. Patent leather Mary Janes, $15, Wet Seal
  2. Red bow headband (or just get a ribbon from the fabric store), $16.50, Express
  3. Short-sleeved ruffle blouse, $22.80, Forever 21
  4. Pleated schoolgirl skirt, $13.80, Forever 21
  5. White knee-high socks, $14, Topshop
  6. Suspenders, $7.99, 1stArmy