Quickies: Oprah Vs. Palin in November & Octomom’s Doc Gets Disbarred

  • Oprah will finally sit down with Sarah Palin on the Nov. 16 episode of her talk show. [What an awesome birthday present! — Editor] [TrèsSugar] — This is quite possibly the showdown of the century.
  • “Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel, who got engaged recently, admits she’s pregnant after internet rumors started to spread. [NYDailyNews.com] — Lesson learned: no matter what, you can never outrun the internet.
  • Beer pong: the swine flu’s latest victim. A New York college has banned the playing of beer pong after several students contracted H1N1 during a weekend of partying. [Lemondrop]

  • Nadya Suleman’s doctor has been disbarred by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. [The Los Angeles Times] — What would Hippocrates say?
  • Columbia Pictures falls for The New York Times’ “Modern Love” and signs deal for an HBO series based on the columns. [Variety]
  • Pamela Anderson is brushing off complaints from child protection advocates regarding the little girl who held her train at an awards show, saying the girl offered to accompany her to the event. [Starpulse] — Really, with as many out-of-work actors as there are in Hollywood?
  • Barnes & Noble is expected to enter the e-reader fray with the Nook. [MSNBC] — You’ll still miss that new book smell. [But not the old book smell. Yuck. — Editor]