Miss California Pageant Sues Carrie Prejean Over Boob Job

Another week, another Carrie Prejean eyeroll-worthy drama. The latest dirt? Our beloved ex-Miss California still owes $5,200 for a boob job paid for by pageant organizer K2 Productions, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday. K2 said it foot the bill for plastic surgery at Prejean’s behest, so she could “be more competitive” in the 2009 Miss USA pageant, and she hasn’t honored a verbal agreement to pay them back. (Verbal agreement? Get it in writing, people!) Alas, Prejean only won runner-up at Miss USA (damn, she should have gone with the double Ds!) but she scored all the notoriety a beauty queen can handle when she informed pageant judge Perez Hilton that she doesn’t believe gays should be allowed to marry. But within months, the Miss California Pageant dethroned their beauty queen for “contract violations” and she responded by posturing herself as a conservative martyr, suing pageant officials for slander, libel, public disclosure of private facts and religious discrimination.

K2’s counter-lawsuit accuses Prejean of trying to get out of paying back the big bucks she owes for her big boobs, and they’ve requested she use proceeds from her forthcoming book, Still Standing, to settle the balance. Stay tuned for more drama next week! [NY Daily News]

NOTE: Thank you to commenter BluenBlonde for clarifying what opposite marriage and same-sex marriage means: Prejean refers to traditional marriage between members of the opposite sex as “opposite marriage.”