Japan’s Wacky First Lady Gets Award For Her Jeans

Have you met Miss Miyuki Hatoyama? She’s Japan’s First Lady, and most recently, the recipient of something called the “Best Jeanist Award” (going to guess that got lost in translation), an honor bestowed upon celebrities who … wear jeans. This year, the other winners included some boy bands and TV personalities we’ve never heard of. Yet, for the 66-year-old Hatoyama, this was a big deal. “This is the prize I have long wished to win,” she said. Adding that when she and her husband, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama met, the two were both wearing jeans. Aww. While it might seem like Hatoyama’s acceptance of the Jeanist award is one of those occasional jokey things political figures do, she’s in fact no stranger to weird press. She—no joke—claims to have visited Venus via a UFO. She also recently opened a charity fashion show wearing a skirt that looked like a circus top and doing a dance taken from the page of a cheerleader tryout reject (it involved her flashing jazz hands) … is she crazy? Or incredibly rad? We can’t decide. Hopefully, she’ll get together with Michelle Obama soon! [Huffington Post]