How A Fashion Blogger Does Halloween On The (Super) Cheap

You may know Jessica Schroeder, fashion blogger behind the site What I Wore, for her thrifty, feminine wardrobe and mad collection of tights, but girl’s got mad chops when it comes to creating super cheap costumes, too. All this week on her blog, she’s featuring daily Halloween costume ideas created almost entirely for free with everyday items she (and probably you!) already owns. Yesterday, she posted pictures of herself as a very convincing Frida Kahlo along with a list of what she wore (this entire costume was pulled from stuff in her closet). Today, she dressed as George Washington — her most expensive costume of the week at $1.79! — and included a how-to guide for creating Washingtonian hair and makeup. Be sure to check her site the rest of the week for more super cheap, homemade Halloween costumes ideas.