Does Your Hair Never Hold A Curl?

Well, have I got a trick for you. If you’re anything like me or, um, Mischa Barton—check her out last night, on the left she’s arriving and, right, she’s headed home from the same party—and wage a war on your stick straight hair when trying to get it to wave or curl, this is a post for you. (Those of you with hair that forms pretty, perfect waves … I’m jealous. Grass is always greener, though, I suppose.) So, it’s actually not that hard a hair trick—it just involves making a different hair tool choice…. So, as usual, don’t try to curl just washed hair (day-old dirtier hair works best because the built up oils help make your hair more mold-able), and apply a setting lotion before your start in with the curling iron. Now, the important part: Choose a curling iron that is smaller barreled than what you want your curl to be. So, if you want two inch curls, go with a one inch (or 3/4 inch ) barreled iron. Sure, your curls will look crazy tight to begin with, but as your hair fights to get back to it’s straight self, the curl will unravel nicely. (So curl your hair with enough time for it to “fall” before leaving the house…) Got any other suggestions to share? Me and my straight head of hair are all ears!