Dead Women Are So, Like, Hot

Is this pretty lady just taking a nap against the bumper of that jalopy? Or is the September issue of W magazine relying on that tasteless staple of high-fashion pictorials — dead models? Really, we get that it’s arty and provocative. But when violence against women is a rampant problem out here in “real life,” it can be hard to see the beauty in images depicting dead or dying women. Sure, poor taste is kind of W’s thing—the mag also did a photo shoot of “homeless chic” models lying on Prada bags.

After the jump, another W pic of a sexy, sexy snakebite victim!

Or is she just taking a nap underneath the snake? Hard to say. I encourage you to read blogger Wendy Felton’s entire post about W on the blog Glossed Over. She explains why “dead models” pictorials are troubling far more eloquently than I ever could. [Glossed Over]