Brooks Brothers’ Limited Edition “Mad Men” Suit

What’s sexier—your guy dressing up as Don Draper for Halloween or him dressing like that regularly just because? We’d vote for both, but now male “Mad Men” fans have the option to be dapper Don every day thanks to Brooks Brothers’ limited-edition “Mad Men” suit. Created by Janie Bryant, the show’s costume designer, the ensemble is a pretty genius interpretation of ’60s menswear with its skinny lapels and angled kerchief pocket. And while the cut is a bit retro, something about it remains classic. (Break it in on Halloween, then wear to the office for years to come.)The problem with this suit is that it’s so sexy, we’d likely want to get the guy out of it as soon as possible. Maybe you could set up some clothed foreplay by wearing a taffeta cocktail dress and a bouffant to channel Betty Draper. Or a vintage sundress if you’re more turned on by being Sally’s teacher, a.k.a. the other woman. [NBC’s The Thread]