Beckham’s Beard Garners Boos—How Scruffy Do You Like Your Man?

Seriously, what is it with guys and their annual beard-growing fascination? (Maybe it’s for Movember?) Doesn’t it seem like they do it just to prove they can, rather than to change their look? David Beckham is now sporting a beard which he started growing during a camping trip with his kids and he then “got carried away,” he tells the Guardian. The British newspaper, however, hates Beckham’s beard, not just a little bit, but quite a lot.

“This is a disastrous beard. Foolishly large, unkempt, mottled, aging… it swamps Becks’s delicately boned prettiness in a peltish mass of ugh … [it’s] like an unstoppable hairy fungus, that especially bothers me. It’s colonizing him. That beard looks like it leads a sinister life of its own, after dark.”

Maybe that’s the problem: It’s one thing to be dating a man who is already bearded when you meet him, but it’s another when your clean-shaven boyfriend decides to grow a carpet on his face. We wonder what Victoria thinks. What do you prefer on a guy: full-on beards, clean-shaven cheeks, or a bit of scruff? And how would you react to your boyfriend going drastically in one direction or the other? []