At Morehouse College, (Don’t) Dress For Success

Of all the problems that Morehouse College faces in this time of economic and social upheaval, the Atlanta all-male school—which graduated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee—is concentrating on its dress code. Specifically, the school is picking on five transvestite students, who apparently have been sporting perfectly fine grades and perfectly fabulous sample sale finds. Morehouse has banned its students from wearing women’s clothes, makeup and accessories, and they are calling this a ban on “inappropriate attire.” Take that, Lady Gaga. OK, I admit my first impulse was a little smug satisfaction that all those hot, undergrad boys with nicer legs than mine will have a harder time showing me up. But, oh yeah, this isn’t about my body issues. In the same year that a Thai secondary school installed a “transvestite toilet” for the comfort and safety of its cross-dressing students and years after Yale instituted an annual Trans Issues Week, this move sounds like an appalling step backward. What do you think? [AOL]