Your Pubic Hairs Are Freaking Me Out

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Ore. submitted a racy ad to Bitch Magazine, which refused to run it. The magazine, a self-described “feminist response to pop culture,” explained turning down the ad by stating, “We felt that our readers would feel that the ad goes against our mission statement to be anti-sexist.” Voodoo, where the menu includes Triple Chocolate Penetration and C**k-n-Balls, responded, “I thought Bitch would be happy the woman isn’t plucked and shaved, but all natural like a real woman.” Check out the full NSFW ad after the jump.

Of course, the ad isn’t entirely unique. The Black Crowes’ cover for Amorica featured a similar shot of a woman’s crotch with her pubic hair climbing out over the top of an American flag bikini bottom. The image caused a controversy that led to a re-release of the album with censored cover art. And the Amorica shot wasn’t original either. It was a redo of a 1976 Bicentennial Hustler magazine cover that featured a similar shot. What do you think — awesomely au naturel or vagina TMI? [ANIMAL]