Extreme Measures: 24-Year-Old Woman Wants To Get Sterilized

Kerry Bailey, 24, is getting married in a few months and she and her husband-to-be, Joe, are sure they don’t want kids. So Kerry is going to get sterilized before the wedding. Kerry is very career-oriented and the thought of having kids has always made her feel sick. She loves to travel and doesn’t want to worry about getting pregnant in some remote part of the world. But, wait, can we talk about this for a second?
I myself don’t want kids and never have because, well, I don’t like them. Like Kerry, my career is super important to me and I don’t want anything around that’s going to tie me down. I’m all for people keeping their inner OctoMom under wraps because the population is big enough and there are lots of children out there that need adopting. That said, I think getting sterilized is a little extreme. The most common type of sterilization for women is tubal ligation and it basically involves getting your fallopian tubes cut. Studies show that about 40 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds who have this procedure regret it later, which sucks because the surgery is pretty hard to reverse. [Health Scout]

There are so many birth control options out there and some, like implants, last for a really, really long time. If it’s unnecessary to make a big, permanent decision like this at the age of 24, why would you? What do you think?

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