TheFind Makes Shopping Easier And Harder All At Once

At The Frisky, we’re always on the hunt to find awesome products to tell you about (and to buy for ourselves, on occasion). But the internet is huge! It can be overwhelming to visit site after site after site in search of the perfect pair of boots. We’ll often search for clothes on ShopStyle, but they have partnerships with a particular handful of stores, which, at times, can be on the pricier side.

So, we’re excited to try out the newly relaunched shopping search engine Type in whatever you’re looking for, and this little engine that could will check with more than 500,000 sources to give you tons of options — and links to discount codes for each store, if they’re available. No more randomly searching those sketchy-looking coupon sites! Plus, you can limit your search to local sellers and “green” options. And TheFind isn’t just for clothes. The site can help you search for everything from home goods to electronics. However, there’s one big downside. Because there are so many retailers included on TheFind, there’s quite a bit of chaff to sift through. More stores mean greater product options, which is fine if you have the time to search through pages upon pages of boots, or can perfect your search technique to include only certain stores or brands. We’ll keep you posted on whether TheFind finds us the boots we can see in our mind’s eye but have yet to locate in real life.