The Halloween Inspiration Board: A New Jersey Housewife

Careening through life high on drama is best left to the ladies of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” But ripping off their Jersey girl style just for one night will do your bubbies proud! Lucky for you, it’s as easy as making a trip to my fair state’s biggest temple of worship (that’s “the mall,” for those of you in the other 49 states). Your instructions? Find something that clashes, find something else that clashes, press on your fake nails, and poof! You’re ready. But … but …, you might be thinking, zebra print and leopard print together? Really? Yes. Trust us. New Jersey’s state motto is “go big or go home!” So grab your copy of Cop Without A Badge, and check out our picks.

  1. Faux leopard jacket, $34.80, Forever 21
  2. Fake bling, $4.80, Forever 21
  3. Zebra print halter dress, $26.70, Dillard’s
  4. French manicure press-on nails, $12, Sephora
  5. Peeptoe cork pumps, $13.99, Forever 21