Quickies: Balloon Boy Falcon Heene’s Rap Video

  • The saga of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene continues with this video of him and his brothers rapping about “pussification.” [The News Bizarre YouTube Channel] — I suspect the alleged hoax was hatched after the dad realized his sons didn’t have a future in music.
  • Tim Gunn will make an appearance in the “Sex and the City” sequel. [E! Online]
  • Angelina Jolie cut her mate after they had sex for the first time because she wanted the emotions to be stronger. Find out how other celebs lost their V-cards. [Us Weekly] — Sounds to me like she didn’t really have strong feelings to begin with.
  • This question has been on everyone’s minds lately: Who’s the bigger douche, Jon Gosselin or Richard Heene? [TrèsSugar] — Maybe they can compete against Michael Lohan in a reality competition show where the objective is to ruin your children’s lives.
  • You probably didn’t hear about this last week, but 30 Republicans voted against an amendment that says the U.S. government will refuse to do business with companies that don’t allow their employees to sue over sexual assault allegations. Senator Al Franken authored the amendment in response to the 2005 gang rape of Jamie Leigh Jones by her Halliburton/KBR coworkers while she was working in Iraq. [Shine]
  • Recycling last year’s fashions is easier than you’d think. Here’s how. [Lemondrop]